A new language has been added to my account without me wanting to

A few minutes ago I opened the following link in the forum: Deleting Lessons? - Language Forum @ LingQ

A bit later I logged out, logged back in and I noticed that Japanese has been added to my languages as if I wanted to study it. As I do not want to learn Japanese at the moment I am trying to delete the language from the Account but I get an “Internal error” message.

I need some help please.

UPDATE: It all started when I opened this link from Recently Active Threads: How To Delete Lessons From My Lessons - Language Forum @ ...

From this post I clicked to the one I am talking about above.

If you look at the two URLs that you posted, one has /fr/ and one has /ja/, so by clicking on the /ja/ link it brought you to the Japanese section. Adding a new language doesn’t actually affect you in any way except that it appears in the dropdown list at the top. It won’t show on your profile unless you have Known Words or create LingQs in that language.

At the moment there is an issue with the delete/reset language option, but we hope to have this fixed soon!

This I find very annoying, and in the moment I am unable to delete unused languages. A new language should not be set up so easily…

@alex: Thank you for the reply, I’ll be patient. It doesn’t bother me too much anyway, it’s just the system did something that I didn’t authorize it to do. And the other thing is, when I was brought to the Japanese section it took me a few moments to realize that I was no longer in my French section (as I was looking for my French lessons but couldn’t find them).

Anyway, I enjoy using this site very much for learning languages, however, the user experience could be improved here and there.

@Imyirtseshem: Now I get it: This is how the system is trying to make you learn more and more languages :slight_smile: I believe this is actually a hidden feature for a future release. In a few years the system will start creating LingQs for you (in a language that is neither in the supported nor in the beta languages :)) and learns them while you sleep :slight_smile:

The language delete button should now be working properly. For further updates regarding known and resolved issues, be sure to check out the thread called “Update: Several issues fixed” in the LingQ Updates and Known Issues forum.

Thanks a lot. I’ve just tried and it worked.