A lovely old word for a dreadful deed

Plattdeutsch has given many words to the (north) German language. One of these words is “schnacken” (to have a leisurely chat with friends or neighbours).

Learners of German will know that ‘mit’ (with) extends the meaning of the verb to ‘come along’.

So, ‘mitschnacken’ should only mean to chat along, to add something to the chat. As a noun, however, a ‘Mitschnacker’ is someone who tries to lure you with him. Hence this odd little headline in the Lübecker Nachrichten’s twitter feed:

“Schule warnt vor Mitschnackern”



Interesting! It also kind of works/gets the meaning across if it’s translated into Swedish, word-for-word: Mitschnacker → “medsnackare” xD

The close relationship between some Swedish and German words is one of the reasons I love Swedish.

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