A longer term solution to the google translate issue?

I know the issue with Google translate has been reported already. (Please fix it!) But it got me thinking–

Wouldn’t there be a way for LingQ to build its own dictionary in the background, that could provide links even when the G-translate integration goes down?

What I mean is, normally when I click on an unknown, previously unlinked word, LingQ goes and asks g-translate for the meaning, then shows me the result, but couldn’t this process start happening in the background as soon as I upload something? Wouldn’t there be a way for LingQ to scan all currently uploaded text – yes, I know it would take a while – and pull g-translate hints for every word that’s currently not in its database? Once the process is done LingQ would have a massive database of hints that it could provide even when g-translate gets finicky.

Whatever the process may be, I really think the site needs a dictionary solution that’s not reliant on momentary access to third parties to provide hints, because the issue with g-translate keeps popping up and making the site very hard to use.


Ok, I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I thought something was going on. It has made it really cumbersome to read through content and it hasn’t been in the past.

The google translate issue is now fixed. Thanks for your patience and thanks for your suggestions.

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