A little challenge over on Twitter

There is an #sinistertributebands over on Twitter. My musical knowledge could be better and I only managed to come up with “Deaf Lepers”. Could you do better than “Pet Shop Toys” or some of the other names the girls dreamt up? The better your English (and awareness of pop music), the better your suggestions are bound to be - unless all the good ones have already been published. Test yourselves!

I guess Benny would be a fan of “Lentilloaf”…boom-boom…


What about “Limeys and their Family Cooking”? Not very sinister as a tribute band, though, unless you are an Australian in fear of British home cooking.

Now Mr Clugston, on the other hand, must surely be a big fan of this:

(I’d love to see him do a cover on Youtube :-D)

In which case a tribute band might be called “Left said Ted” or some such similar name.


I think a great name for Mr C’s tribute band would be “Wrong said Clug”


You’re right - he should tweak the lyrics. If he sang something like the following to the tune of “I’m too sexy”, it would possibly go viral on Youtube!

I’m too sexy for my brain, too sexy for my brain
Thought’s going to leave me

I’m too sexy for Bruce Lee, too sexy for Bruce Lee
So sexy it hurts
And I’m too sexy for Kaufmann, too sexy for Kaufmann
I live in Thailand

And I’m too sexy for his site
Too sexy for his site
No way I’m Lingqing

I’m a Linguist - ya know what I mean
And I do my little turn on Youtube
Yeah on Youtube, on Youtube, Yeah
I do my little turn on Youtube