A language dictionary 23 years in the making

…and he’s still finding more words to add.


That’s great, the true spirit of DIY. Although it’s a shame more people are pirating his work than purchasing it.

Wouldent it be easier to translate another dictionary into Japanese? For example, he could take an extensive English/Indonesian, or a Dutch/Indonesian dictionary, and translate the English or Dutch into Japanese.

i think it’s beter to make dictionary for every language.
unite one.

@Exxtay - This guy already created a universal dictionary


The study of languages has lead Gregg Cox to produce the Worlds largest language dictionary in 225 languages. The dictionary of 45,600 pages consists of nearly 5 million entries which cross references each of the 225 languages individually producing 50,400 separate dictionaries. The dictionary is also available in CD form.

But how come I found some 30 unlisted words today?

Gosh! That’s quite what us all would be like after using LingQ for 23 years!