A great and original way to improve the language you're learning

I’ve come up with an idea to make yourself “study” and improve your target language. And that is to volunteer yourself for translating.

UN Volunteers to translate: http://tinyurl.com/csbcez

More websites: Volunteer Translation | Translator Wannabe:

I am now translating articles from a scouting website (an association) from french to spanish and I’m improving my french a lot.

My french is lousy but reading is quite easy for me, so translating from french to spanish (I’m spanish) is something I can do.

Everyday I force myself to translate an article (they are not long) and write down the new words I learn everyday.

I’m also learing a lot about scouting! I can now make an oven or a firepit… I also learnt different ways to make drinks cold :slight_smile: And I’ve been translating this website for only two weeks!

So you can do some volunteering while you improve your language skills!

woah! That’s a really interesting idea Berta, and for those of us toying with the idea of becoming translators it would be useful work experience. Good one!

Berta that really works with text translating. I am learning German and my native language is Polish. I have some text which are both in German and Polish version.
As I am not beginner I can translate from Polish to German. I just cover the part in German and I write on a piece of paper translation in German. Then I am checking my mistakes.
In this way it is more difficult but more effective for me and really great for me .

I have just published my writing in Japanese Library section concerning translation.
I totally agree with the idea of doing it to help you learn the language.
Especially if you are, sort of, forced to read and understand the article you don’t choose normally.
Few years ago, I went to a school to learn the skill to be a translator.
There, I was made to read many books to translate. Some books I would not pick naturally.
I have even read Harlequin Romance, hey…
However, by doing so, I came across with “fresh and new” vocabularies as much as unique expressions.
It works!

nice skyblueteapot!

I guess if you like or you know well the topic you’re translating it’s easier. But me, I don’t know anything about scoutting and it’s been fun so far. You’re right Hitomi, I’m even learning a few spanish words.

agent00720 you must be good at german! I wouldn’t be able to translate from spanish to french, my writing is really terrible.

The good thing about volunteering and not just translating on your own to practice is that you have to do it because you committed to do it. I find it hard sometimes to make a habit but this way makes things easier!

If anyone finds herself/himself comfortable translating from french or english or german to spanish, ask me because there are lots of new articles to translate on this scoutting website.

Do you think that some of that content would be of interest to our members? It would be need to have scouting content in several languages for our learners. What do you think?


The website is in french, english and german

Here you have the plan du site http://tinyurl.com/qdkp93

The spanish translations will be launched in 1 week I think, just a few articles for the moment. But I’m on it!

Two weeks ago I started a new collection about my experiences in language learning. Sometimes I’ll speak about Steve’s blog, or articles from other sources related to language learning. The newest article (#006) and the article that I’ll add soon (#007) is for example a translation of one of Steve’s videos! It was a good exercise for me and I hope it is interesting for native English speakers to have my translation and Steve’s video. Also I translate some of the articles in Steve’s blog.

Link to the collection: Veras Corner - LingQ Language Library

I would be glad to get some comments.

Some time ago I tried to translate some of my German articles into English. I thought this was difficult. I like more to write freely because than my English sounds more natural. When I try to translate I often “clue” to much on the German text.

I just had a quick look - very inspiring! I’m thinking of doing something similar.

Thank you, Jeff. I think this is a good idea. And it is nice for the users, who don’t speak English. I know, that some of the German speakers speaks no English. So they get the knowledge of Steve’s ideas. And a lot of people don’t follow Steve’s blog.

Kompliment! Habe mir eben zwei der Blogs angesehen. Informativ und gut geschrieben, zum Nacheifern zu empfehlen.