A great achievement, I guess

About four or five months ago, I tried to listen to some tech podcasts from the new york times, but I couldn’t understand too much. Since there were no transcripts, I gave up on them.
Yesterday, I downloaded 2 episodes and could understand almost everything which was being said.
Either I was too lucky, or I’ve been REALLY improving my English these days…
I’m soooo happy!!!
Thanks to LingQ!

Language learning is a state of mind. You do a number of things to get in shape. You read. You listen. You follow content of interest. You flash card words.All the time you are getting more fit in the language. Gradually the new language is no big deal. It just starts to feel normal to communicate in the new language. All of a sudden you notice how much you have improved. This can soon be followed by a feeling of disappointment that you did not understand something, because your expectations and demands on yourself are constantly getting higher.

In any event, congratulations.

I just wanted to say anapaula, I’m a native english speaker and when I read your posts, the way you phrase things etc it comes across like you are a native speaker already!

eg “I’m soooo happy!!!” just things like that tend to have an effect of conveying that you have an advanced mastery of the language. just my $0.02 and good job on the nytimes articles. i’ve been getting stuck in to Le Monde with various degrees of success. Sometimes I surprise myself! cheers.

My congratulations to Ana Paula!

As for me, I’m listening to BBC radio weekly podcasts, namely Terry Wogan’s one, during half a year. I dare not say I made some essential progress here. Usually now I start to get some things only at 2nd repetition of the podcast. But some improvement is done. Sometimes I can even recognize some jokes and anecdotes I encounter - I think it’s a good sign for me :slight_smile:

Thank you all, guys, for the answers and congratulations!
Steve, indeed, those alternate feelings of exhilaration and frustration are natural for me. Some months ago I got very happy because I could watch an entire american movie without even worring about the fact it was in English. Then, about one or two weeks later, I tried another one and could not find out what they were talking about…
Roy, I’ve been feeling I progressively can express myself in a more natural way. Thanks for mentioning it, it always a good thing to have positive feedback, mainly when, as Steve mentioned, my demands on myself are so high…
Vladimir, I think understanding jokes is very difficult, because you not only need the words, but an entire cultural context. So I guess you probably are progressing more than you recognize…

Which movie couldn’t you understand anapaula?

There are quite a few American movies that I understand very little of. “Legally Blonde” may be in my native language but it is full of cultural references that mean nothing to me.

the one that I understood completely was “The pursuit of happiness” and the one that I couldn’t understand at all was “Elisabeth, the golden age”. Well, I tried it for the first 10 minutes, went to some scenes in the middle and then gave up…
It was some months ago, I guess I’m going to try it again soon, to see what happens…

“the pursuit of happyness” (as they spell it) is a great movie! will smith is an awesome actor.

good job on your success, anapaula! i’m studying mandarin and cantonese, and sometimes i understand a lot and really feel confident. other times i feel so lost though i think i should understand.

thats what happens in language learning. the trick, i think, is to find some content somewhere in the middle of your comfort zone and study with that!