A German/English challenge

@CTNBEH Da war ich wohl zu clever bei Hälfte… Ich wollte betonen, dass das “Groß” “great” sein sollte und nicht “gross”.

Es ist übrigens tatsächlich anstrengend, in Dekoder-Deutsch oder -Englisch zu schreiben.

Sanity - moi?? More likely fluffy chaos. Friends call me Sanne.

Yeah, that was above my understanding. Laymen don’t understand his sort of witty British humour.

How is that pronounced, like the English Anne with ‘S’ in front or do you encourage the German version? (I think you were born in Germany)

What does fluffy chaos mean? :smiley:

I encourage the German version (by sledgehammer approach, actually).

Fluffy chaos is the way I seem to lead my life, one crisis after the other, but somehow it always turns right.

This thread stopped making sense to me a long time ago.

Isn’t it nice? Nearly as good as knock knock jokes or things like “and now we have Mr and Mrs Case and their son Justin.”

But now I have to go and let myself be swallowed up by the first fluffy chaos cloud of the day.

(As to the more serious - and more interesting - element of this thread, American/British/German English, I leave that to the experts. Although, similar to @djvlbass, I profit from the Yiddish-German link when I attempt to read Yiddish. It helps a lot.)