A funny tale on the Portuguese store

I’ve just added up a funny tale in Portuguese on the LingQ store. It’s called “O aluno genial” and comes from a book distributed under creative commons license. I found it quite funny, so I decided to read it aloud for anyone who is interested in Portuguese. I hope you like it.


Thanks. I really enjoyed it and you did a great job of narrating it. The sound quality was also good. I will look into a better image, maybe Anna can help us. What do you want as an image?

I’m glad you liked it. I’ll keep reading the book, so probably I’m going to submit more of it to the LingQ store.
The book itself has some images inside it (pdf version) that I think could be used to identify this collection. It can be found here: http://yurivieira.com/content/view/250/80/