A flashcards session: are Lingq shown twice?

I haven’t used Flashcards for a long period, but I used to go through them in the past.
The way the flashcards go out of a single session has changed and I can’t handle with it correctly, maybe.
The system show all the flashcards twice, even when you say you failed.
In the past I can remember that they stayed in the same session until you got them correctly twice in a row. That means that when you failed one twice you could see the flashcard again and again. If you started your session with 25 flashcards you went through them and ended up having a few that where harder for you. Usually I decided to stop my revision of the flashcards after having seen them 4 or 5 times and left those that didn’t stick.
Is it possible to filter the ones you failed to see them again?

Yes, it’s true that it used to be different in the way that you said. One aspect of the new way (I believe) is that if you get one wrong, it won’t move up a LingQ number at the end of the session, so eventually you’ll still see it more in future sessions.

Thanks. I preferred the way the system worked in the past. However I’ll try to get used to the new way.