A few questions about shortcuts

hey there lingq devs
i was looking to boost my workflow so started looking into lingq shortcuts
my first question would be
are the shortcuts still working from the post linked below

also if not where can i find the guide to shortcuts for lingq 5.0?
thank you


another question i had was is there a way to directly open google translate when i select a large sentence rather than have to take my mouse over to the side and click on the google translate button

Yes, all the shortcuts still work, we haven’t made any changes there.

Regardings the translations, looks like you had French selected both as your study and dictionary language, that is why you didn’t see English translation automatically when you select word/phrase. I changed your dictionary language to English now, so if you give it another try, you will see the improvement. :slight_smile:

i just tried it and you dont know how smooth it made everything
thx zoran
you a real one


As far as I know that isn’t possible - I think the only way is to click the Google Translate button in the sidebar.

Sentence mode, Shift t translates.
Sentence mode, S does sentence audio or word audio if on a word.