A few questions about LingQ

Hey there, I’ve tried lingQ in the past, but never really got into it, but now I have and love the system! Anyways, my first question pertains to LingQ’s activity score…which factors go in to determine your score? Second question is…under my weekly progress, can I set my own goals for say how many words I want to read that week? Right now it stays at this really nooby amount which I far surpass. Any way to change this?


Welcome back! We’re glad to have you :slight_smile:

The Activity Score is calculated based on the following equation:
Activity Score = Created LingQs+Learned LingQs+Words of Writing+(# of Conversations*60)

The targets are actually tied to your level, which is based on your number of Known Words. The Known Words target for each language can be found on the following page: Avatar Help
As your Known Words total increases, the targets will also begin to increase. As you continue to teach the system which words you know, your targets will continue to increase. :slight_smile:

I’ve guessed that each lingq is worth 1 activity point but what about learned words?

Learned LingQs are worth the same, so your Activity Score will increase by 1 for each word you move to status 4.

ok thanks, saw where that formula was posted before but thought that it might be dated. Thanks again!