A few questions about iLingQ

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a basic account at LingQ, but don’t like to be on my computer all the time, so I use my iPod. Because of this , could you answer a few questions about iLingQ?

  1. Do the flashcards have audio of each seperate word?
  2. When offline, can you hear still get access to audio?
  3. When offline, can you create LingQs on any lessons you’ve just downloaded?


Hi James,

There are many benefits to upgrading, including access to iLingQ, unlimited LingQs, unlimited imported lessons, the Import Bookmarklet and more.

To answer your questions:

  1. The Text-To-Speech on the flashcards is provided by Google, so the TTS audio clips don’t actually exist on our site. This means they are not available offline either.
  2. You can download all audio files from the site then load them onto your mp3 player, but you cannot download them directly through the app.
  3. This is something that we would like to implement in a future revision of the app. However, currently you can only review LingQs that you’ve previously created. Nonetheless, using the QuickLingQ function allows you to create LingQs much more quickly before you take your iPod/iPhone on the go.

I would add

  1. I can listen to the audio of the lessons on my iPad and iPod Touch with iLingQ. The sound turns on when I open a lesson in iLingQ.
  2. I cannot create LingQs in iLingq, but as Alex says, I create the LingQs online, often using QuickLingqs, and then read and listen to the lesson in iLingQ . All the created LingQs are highlighted in yellow, and I can click on them and see the Hint and captured phrase.

I end up spending much less time at the computer.

Thank you! It definitely seems worth upgrading as I think it equates to around £6 a month, virtually nothing!