A different hobby, go fly a kite

A break from language learning. Here is another Vancouver resident, Ray Bethell, who flies kites. Have a look.

For English learners, “go fly a kite” is like" get lost" “scram” “beat it” “buzz off” “take a hike” or other less polite ways of saying “please leave”.

Great video!
Thanks also for the new english expressions, It would be great if in the future someone could create lingqs also in the forum area, even if i think that technically it would require too much work.
How about importing forum messages as short private lessons everytime we find something interesting in it? It would be the same, more or less…

Edit: I’ve just tried for curiosity to do so and it requires just a click using import bookmarklet feature. It automatically give the lesson the name of the thread. I think it’s another great way to import contents. Maybe is something already usual but i wanted to share it.

@Argo - It would be nice to create LingQs in the forum. Maybe some day. In the meantime, you can use the import bookmarklet. Once you have it installed, you simply highlight the text you want to import and click the bookmarklet to import and open it as a lesson.

LingQ forum is not different from any other page on the Internet: it would be generally nice to have some plugin, allowing to lingq (and see lingqs) without importing. It would be especially useful for the content, one finds simple and not really worth importing.
There is a Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. project, but I am not even sure if it’s dropped or not.