A dangerous computer virus

I have just received an e-mail in French that said “J’ai entendu parlé d’un virus très dangereux qui se propage actuellement sur Internet. Il s’appelle Z.b0t(gen-9)…” It means A dangerous computer virus arrive on Internet". This e-mail is not a private one. I am a little afaid of this kind of e-mail. He or she said to me in hir or her e-mail, "Il parait que ce virus a … détruit plus de 50 millions d’ordinateurs dans le monde en moins de 2 semaines. (I cannot read "… " because of bafflegab but I can understand its meaning) It means that it seems this virus will break down more than 50 million of computars in the world in two weeks.
And she or he told me that only one Antivirus exists in the world, and gave me its link in his or her e-mail.
Is it true or is this e-mail simply the publicity of Antivirus?

Sorry for my stupid question.

I have Norton Antivirus in my computer so I think no problem. Actually, I don’t know very well the person who sent me this e-mail.

I think that you should not click the link.

Oh, I understood bafflegab!
Il parait que ce virus a “déjà” détruit plus de 50 millions d’ordinateurs dans le monde en moins de 2 semaines.
It seems that this virus has already broke down more than 50 millions of computers in the world since 2 weeks.
I don’t think so, how about it?

Thank you for my advice, Mr Yutaka.

I suppose that someone sent you a message tongue-in-cheek or tried to give you a computer virus.

I forgot to look up this word Z.b0t right now, but after searchig this word, yes I found a page of BBS on which many people are discussing each other. Yes many french people have received this kind of e-mail. After having read all the messages, I found them not so dangerous.

Well, I think the mail may not have the virus, but the link is danguages, you should not click it! Cause sometimes a website is the place where sends virus to the clicker. The Mse of Microsoft is very good and it is free, you can try that if you face some virus which can not be killed. Hope that helps.

I am wondering why anti virus software need to be upgraded all the time ? Couldn’t they make a software that stay efficient at least until new technology come in the market. I mean computer are not biologic entities - we know all their possibilities - so we know all possibilities of virus attacks - Maybe it is a difficult job but it is not impossible

If I need to ugrade how do I know I do not upgrade too late ?

I would understand for example an antivirus does not protect wireless connection if it is created before first wireless connection - in this case I understand upgrading is necessary

That is maybe a hoax , a website for view the hoax who are on internet in the moment.

In english and french : La plateforme collaborative contre la désinformation - Hoaxbuster

For not have a virus, worms , trojan horse , spyware and other malware.
Solution 1 medium of protection with windows (not the best) :
1.Don’t click on a link of e-mail , MSN , IRC etc…
2.Update your anti-virus , anti-spyware etc… everyday.
3.Use 2 or 3 programs or more for analyse your hard disk,RAM and other.
4.Analyse you computer 1 by week minimum , with all the programs 1 by 1. (No use you internet connection when you analyse you could desactivate you network card when you analyse).
5.Not download a file in a e-mail , chat as MSN, IRC etc…
6.Not use internet explorer , use firefox.
7.Use you firewall correctly , you must configuring you firewall as that :
A.Deny all input connections (if you don’t have a server).
B.Allow the output connections for the ports what you use only (80 tcp for http , 53 udp and tcp for dns etc…).
C.For those thing search the list of port on internet.
8. Not going on internet with a administrator account , use a limited account.
9.Use secunia for search the vulnerabilities in yours software.
link for download secunia in english : About Secunia Research | Flexera
10.Update you drivers :
link in english and french : http://www.ma-config.com/
11.Use a long and complex password for all you windows account , with 15 to 20 character or more with upper-case , lower-case ,number and special characters examples :
For write a character in ascii code example for æ alt + 145 , Æ = alt + 146 , œ alt + 0156.
You must write character or characters not present on the keyboard for improve the password security.
If you would explications for that ask me here.
12.Not use the default password for you router or modem or you modem-router , programs who ask a password etc…
13.Change the passwords all the three month maximum.
14.Desactivate all wired connection (wi-fi , bluetooth and other tool of wired connection) , for bluetooth the risk of have a dangerous program is minimum.
15.Configuring the firewall of you router or modem-router if you have a firewall in you router or modem-router.
Configuring as in 7.
The complete security not exist.

PS : You have a modem-router or a simply modem ?

If anybody will to know more write a message here.