A cuppa and some food for thought at the Language Show

Talking to Steve at Olympia today was great fun. I went away with some ideas about how to motivate myself and to make my learning more effective. Thank you for a stimulating chat and a nice cuppa. As usual my best question came to me after the event:- Could the number of paying LingQ members be increased by offering multi-user discounts to schools, colleges, universities etc? (Companies might want to sponsor x numbers of employees for a fixed sum per month, something which would link in with the earlier discussions about certification.)

It was very nice of you to come to the Language Show, Sanne, and I will commenting on it on my blog and here. Right now I have to get some breakfast and get out and watch my grandson play soccer here in London.

I will also get back to the subject of marketing, group discounts and the like.

Really sorry I couldn’t make it, life is a bit complicated here at the moment. Hope you are enjoying London Steve, and having fun with your family!

You went? Oh man, I would love to go to a show like that. I’d probably be so excited, I’d die.

The proverbial bull in a candy store or was it child in a china shop.

When are you two going to spill about the show? Did you promote LingQ there?

Steve already wrote briefly about it in one of his blogs (I take it, you’ve made him your friend and thus have very easy access to his blogs which would appear at the bottom of your Profile page). I hadn’t thought about writing more than the above but may think about it while I’m ‘on granny duty’ the next couple of weeks. When I’m ‘ogd’ it’s not that easy to find time for languages and LingQ, but we shall see…


It was not really a place to promote LingQ. I tried to make some contacts and have been following up today by email. I will let you know if anything develops. I am hoping that some of the people with language schools and other systems will give us some content and do some mutual PR activities. We will see.

@Maitee, again: You mustn’t go to a show like that if you are so excitable, I enjoy your comments too much! You would have thrown a fit: Manchester University had produced a very substantial brochure with information about resources for language teachers. None of the people I spoke to at the stand had ever heard of LingQ ! Stands that were very popular were the former Institute of Linguists - there’s now a Chartered somewhere in the title - and the European Commission. Popular stands were all that offered some kind of recruitment process. My favourite stand at the show was “Latin for All”, which was fairly well frequented. I didn’t attend any of the language sessions, London granny duties called. There was also a quaint little stand with a, to me, interesting free Russian grammar dictionary.

@ SanneT,
Thank-you for your interesting post. I had no idea Latin was so popular in Londinium!

I blame Asterix! (And that they handed out a nice little bag for collecting your goodies from all the other stands… now isn’t that an idea to promote LingQ, our very own recyclable shopping bag?)

The Harry Potter books have been translated into Latin as well as Asterix.

Latin was compulsory at my school, and in the more old-fashioned private schools it may still be.

One day we will have Latin at LingQ. I do not know about shopping bags, but all and any ideas to promote LingQ are welcome. It should be possible to find 500 or even 1000 LingQers in the UK, for example. It is just a matter of how to get the word out.