A conversation report

since this is very first time, I would like to ask you what am I supposed to write in a conversation report…
I’ve opened one and there are two blanks: one for the suggestions and the other for the comments… can you make some examples of what is a typical report like?
Thanks :slight_smile:
Also, the report has to be completed in the language of the conversation or in English?

In the suggestions you give examples and make the corrections. Some students prefer to have the correct statement there only, others like to have a correction like ‘wrong phrase → correct phrase’. You can ask the student what he/she prefers.

In the comment you can add a general statement, and say something about the conversation in general. You can add suggestions for studying material and so forth.

The report should be written in the language of the conversation because students can import it and study it like a lesson. That would not work if you make the report in English. If the student is an absolute beginner, I’ve sent an e-mail with an English translation as well to make sure that he/she got the meaning.

Maybe you take advantage from some videos about tutoring that I’ve made: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/videos-conversation-with-tutors-0 They are not new but maybe helpful.

It is up to you to develop a method that works for you and your students. Good luck!

Thank you for your useful suggestions! :slight_smile: