A click to import a contribution

Hi Mark,
could we have a possibility to do the same as we can do with report after a conversation?
I think it would be helpful.

Hi Irene,

Do you mean you would like to import forum posts?

yes Mark, sometimes they are interesting and good for learning words and sentences.

Yes, and for me in beginning French, sometimes in the tutor forum Marianne gives me an explanation where I need to search for serveral words to understand, it would be nice have them in my workdesk with a click.

We will figure out a way to import text or at least LingQ terms from anywhere on the site when we get the time.

Mark, our ideas are only in case your to do list is empty :slight_smile:

It’s not that difficult to copy/paste a forum post (or anything) you find interesting…

With demanding and creative users like you and me, Irene, I guess the poor Mark won’t be able to see an empty to-do list in the span of his life…
For sure, Jeff, it’s easy, but takes a few clicks. But this is the way users are: they always want to do everything with AT MOST one click!