A Christmas Carol

I was offered “A Christmas Carol” audiobook by Audible as a gift. I’m a bit afraid by the fact it’s written in the middle of 19th century. Before the 2000 it seems not so far away, maybe, but now…
I wonder if it’s worth the effort to listen to it, or if it’s written in a too old fashioned English.
Any suggestion?

It’s worth a listen. I even studied the German version here at LingQ one year ago.

I enjoyed reading the novel retold by Clare West. Dickens is wonderful. I am now reading GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

A conversation between A and B

A: Could you lend me one thousand dollars?
B: I am not a Rockefeller.
A: You are a Scrooge.

Continuation: B: I’m no scrooge, aber bei Geld hört die Freundschaft auf! (No doubt, both are talented linguists.)

“Friendship ends at money”?

Yes, the German thinking goes ‘if you lend money to a friend, you not only lose money…’. This may not necessarily be true, but seems sound advice for large sums. I’ll lend you £10, no problem!

Thank you. My National Westminster Bank account is . . . :slight_smile: