A bunch of new releases in our Easy Spanish collections

Hi there!
We have been working hard in IDEL creating new lessons so we inform you that right now we have 17 collections ready to use in the library.
Here you have them all, ordered by level.

Easy Verbs - (PRESENT) A1 - http://bit.ly/ldU7eL
Easy Verbs - (IMPERFECT)A1 - http://bit.ly/l15Zm3
Easy Verbs - (PRETERITE) A1 - http://bit.ly/mOsNia
Easy Verbs - (CONDITIONAL) A1 - http://bit.ly/j6bpfB
Easy Verbs - (FUTURE) A1 - http://bit.ly/iLEIQ0

Easy Spanish (CONVERSATIONS) A1 - http://bit.ly/m29HTW

Easy Verbs - (PRESENT) A2 - http://bit.ly/kMOuW0
Easy Verbs - (IMPERFECT)A2 - http://bit.ly/iZfRC8
Easy Verbs - (PRETERITE) A2 - http://bit.ly/miYFfd
Easy Verbs - (CONDITIONAL) A2 - http://bit.ly/lvwJat
Easy Verbs - (FUTURE) A2 - http://bit.ly/mvHsL4
Easy Verbs - (SUBJUNCTIVE) A2 - http://bit.ly/kmQOnJ

Easy Spanish (CONVERSATIONS) A2 - http://bit.ly/iWExXD
Easy Spanish (COLOUR) A2 - http://bit.ly/mPHvdD

Easy Verbs - (PRESENT-FUTURE) B1 - http://bit.ly/ixHXeB
Easy Verbs - (IMPERFECT-PRETERITE) B1 - http://bit.ly/jgNQ2C
Easy Verbs - (SUBJUNCTIVE) B1 - http://bit.ly/jrOKY0

We hope you enjoy them!
We have more lessons coming up soon, so stay tuned!

How can we not learn Spanish with all this on offer? I certainly shall stay tuned. Thank you!!!