A bug of review on Android

There is a bug in the review function on my Android tablet. When I review words of Lingqs in English, about one third of sounds of TTS of words on flashcard would play twice. And most of the time the second sound of TTS would be played before the finishing of the first sound of the same word. It makes me fell very uncomfortable when I review words on my Android tablet, because the pronunciations of words always combine two sounds of the same words. By the way, it seems that I did not find this bug in the versions before 27th March, 2022. Before this update, the status of Lingqs would not increase automatically, so I did not use review function on Android tablet quite often. After 27th March, the bug about the status of Lingqs was solved, so I started to use the review function to recite words, and I find this bug that is also a big problem for Android users. In those days, I did not find anyone who submit the same problem on forum, and I am not sure whether this problem only appears on my Android tablet, so I think I should submit this bug.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue and have it fixed.