A bad influence?

I sometimes wonder if I should correct my posts when I realize that there are some mistakes in spelling or grammar. Should I supposed to re-post the revised ones so as not to confuse the readers? Some people might say that you should avoid reading bad English so that you can learn to write good English. I don’t want to cause a bad influence on the readers of my posts.

Nobody’s perfect. I think people in general tend to waste energy worrying about perfection when learning languages. A universal standard of perfection really does not exist in language. Native speakers use language all of the time in ways in which many would consider questionable or even completely wrong. Don’t worry about it.

Me, I worried to get embarras in front of my classmates. I remember, when I was presented my report on the class, I said “alcoholistic” and they laughed at me. Then, my professor corrected me and said “it is not alcoholistic, it is alcoholism”. By the way, I’m happy because I learned from them. Please correct my grammar and the idea of my post. Thanks a lot.

“Should I supposed to…” → “Am I supposed to …”

Correction: “Should I supposed to” should be changed to “Am I supposed to .”

There is an interesting expression in Japanese that signifies “practicing swimming on dry land”, or “畳の上の水練”. It literally means practicing swimming on a tatami mat. I hope that posting a message on the forum is at least something like practicing swimming in a pool. I appreciate your kind comments about making mistakes.

I learned swimming on dry land before we were allowed to get into the water - that way we had the coordination - and I became a very good swimmer, indeed. I don’t particularly like making mistakes, but I do make them. Here a few thoughts: Nobody is perfect (or everybody is perfect the way they are right now). A mistake is an opportunity for learning. Often “near enough is good enough”. If I don’t understand a post in the forum, I ask for an explanation.

We should all write without worries here. If people would like to be corrected, they can say so, but there is no obligation on anyone’s part to correct anything. Making a mistake and then noticing it after you have posted is probably a good way to notice what you need to work on. Just keep writing and communicating.

I think it would be interesting to have a function to edit our post on the forum, so we don’t post 2 or 3 times in row simply to correct mistakes.

An edit function on the Forum is on our list but is not a high priority right now. Sorry.

In the meantime we just have to be tolerant of mistakes, our own and others’.

I agree with Steve. Although we strive for accuracy (in which case an edit function would be great), I think it’s better to just keep going instead of writing a second post ("Ooops, I meant ‘better THAN’, not ‘better then’) or even a third one… It stops the “flow” of the discussion.