90 day Challenge

I am fascinated by the possibility of talking part in a 90 day challenge and I already subscribed in the challenge of my target language. Unfortunately I don’t know how it works. Can someone help me to get the challenge started? :slight_smile:

I subscribed to the last 90-day challenge, and I believe it is already over, and I have no idea what happened. I never got any messages about it, and I didn’t see any updates on the 90-day challenge page. Did I do something wrong?

The 90-Day Challenge is pretty simple - once you’ve signed up for the Challenge, you’ll have 90 days to reach your targets. You can find your final targets by going to the Learn page then going to the Progress Snapshot and changing it from “Last 7 days” to “90-Day Challenge”. Basically, as long as you reach or exceed your Last 7 days targets then you’ll be on track to complete the 90-Day Challenge successfully :slight_smile:

It looks like you signed up for the 90-Day Challenge on July 30th, so you still have a couple of weeks left!

does that count goal reached for read items, listened items and lingqs seperately, or all goals should be met

Alex, does my 90 day challenge mean that I need to meet at least the goal of 68.3 hours of listening, and 7,280 words of reading, and 637 lingqs learned? I’m trying to make sense of my chart. Thx

You’ll need everything but Writing and Speaking to achieve your targets - we’ll look at making this more clear in a future update!

That’s right :slight_smile: You’ll just have to hit the targets on the 90-Day Challenge tab (minus speaking and writing) to complete the challenge!

Really? Ok. thanks. :slight_smile:

Thank you alex :slight_smile: