90 day challenge

In Steve’s latest video he said he wanted some feed back from those doing the 90 day challenge. I think the key for me at least, maybe not for others is to find the right level. I’ve been pretty consist with the challenge and try to get in one hour of listening and reading daily. Recently I’ve moved into the Intermediate 1 territory with my avatar but find the lessons too hard to follow (to many unknown words), and for me this was discouraging.

So today, I decided to give those harder lessons a break for a while and looked into some of Vera’s Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch, series for beginner 2 and found my niche. The thing that really reinforced my progress was words and phrases I found tough in her beginner 1 series were much easier and I racked up quite a few known words which really gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes one has to go back to earlier content to get a sense of your progress, which for me was very encouraging.


LOL, I’m new and I feel like an idiot now. I didn’t know about the 90 day challenge page. Sounds good. I’m rather shy but I plan on having something up there before the challenge is over. :wink:

@nate81 - great point! BTW you are very welcome to make a video feedback at any level! Feel free to post a link to your video on our Challenge page: Login - LingQ or on the LingQ FB page: Redirecting...

Steve will be watching each video :slight_smile: We look forward to seeing how you are doing your challenges!

I have found the 90 day challenge to be habbit forming. I struggled to stick with it after the initial novelty wore off after a month, or so. However, now it’s second nature for me to read about spotted pigs and the highs and lows of being a computer programmer in Prague.

Czech is only my first ever L2 and I just don’t beleve the language learning part of my brain is developed. I’ve struggled sooo much with learning this beautiful yet complex language.

On word count I am approaching Intermediate 2 level, but read Intermediate 1 and even Beginner 2. Beginner 2 is almost as easy as reading English now for me. Something I never thought I would say.

For me the challenge is a big success. I’m now enjoying Lingq, and language learning for the first time, plus I can read so much better than when I started. I also feel I have taken a significant leap forward.

A big thumbs up to Lingq. I actually struggle to think of a better technique to learn a language.


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@Ferdy - thanks a lot for the positive feedback. We are so glad that you are enjoying your 90-Day Czech Challenge and noticing significant improvements. Language learning seems to be an amazing habit! :slight_smile: We would like to see you in your video speaking Czech or just talking about this language and your experience :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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