90 day challenge stats

I signed up for the Polish 90 day challenge which is coming to an end soon. however it seems I do not have enough LingQs learned to complete the challenge now…Which is strange because last time I checked I even overlapsed the stats from the 90 day challenge on this aspect. How is this possible?

Did it perhaps take into account part of a previous 90 day challenge?

It seems to me that you simply went into an upper category (for example A2->B1) within the 90 day challenge and the expectations increased as well.

Sorry for the trouble here!

Lykke, one of our employees here at LingQ, is working on her own 90-Day Challenge in Spanish. She was a bit confused then when she saw that the LingQs Learned statistic was higher than the Known Words statistic, meaning you would have to add more words to known than the Known Words target required.

Indeed, as we looked at this, it was an issue that nobody ever brought up, but for the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 levels, the targets for LingQs Learned was incorrect.

I’ve now updated these targets, which unfortunately causes some trouble here for members actively attempting the challenge in some languages. We couldn’t figure out a good way around this, but I see this target was perhaps too high, and instead I reduced it slightly. You’re now right on the cusp of reaching the target, so hopefully you can move a few more LingQs to status 4 to reach this target.

The good news, I guess, is that we won’t be updating those targets again, so this will just be a one-time issue.

If you have any other questions on this please let us know!

So the only target changed was the LingQs learned stat?

I’ve noticed mine increase but fortunately I’m relatively early in my challenge at the moment!

Yup, that’s right. It’s only the LingQs Learned that was updated - the others should be the same as before.

I noticed that the lingQs learned target went from 1001 to 910. This will be enough for me to succesfully complete the challenge. Thanks!