90 Day Challenge Stats Problem

I have done some listening today and it shows up on the statistics window but not on the statistics for the goals for the 90-day challenge. The 90-day challenge ends tonight and this is making me nervous

I believe the 90 Day Challenge ended yesterday

But it said on the page that it ended on May 2nd. I got all the listening time in before midnight on May 2nd, and it still wouldn’t show up on the challenge statistics page. What is going on? I never even got a notification that the challenge ended or anything! Could an administrator plz help me

I completed everything i needed to complete in the time i needed to complete it so what the hell is going on?

Hi Demolitionator,
Looks like you have 3.3 Hours of Listening on your statistics for day after the 90-Day challenge ended on May 3rd.
How much Hours of Listening you had on your profile for May 2nd? Do you think that some of this 3.3 hours listening was done on May 2nd instead of May 3rd?

Weird… I did that on May 2nd. Maybe the calendar is weird. Thx for your help!