500 - Server errror when I click on the foto of one of my LingQ-friends

When I click on the foto of one of my LingQ - friends, I always receive the message “500 - Server error”. Does this mean that this person has decativated her account? When I click on the foto of the other LingQ - friends, everything is OK.


I presume so, but perhaps Alex or Mark can confirm this.

Which friends are you clicking on? Canceled accounts should not appear in your list anymore so that shouldn’t be the reason. Which language is your interface in? That will help us track things down.

I had this “500 - Server error” when I clicked on the photo of my LingQ - friend “psychadelica” several times, but now this error is gone and it’s possible for me to look on her page again. So mine and Steve’s assumption was wrong. My interface - language is English.

Problem solved!