500 - Server error

I’m getting this 500 - Server error again when creating new lessons. It’s just me? I’ve tried with or without audio and I get the error in both cases.

I get that 500 - Server error error when trying to change my little photo.

It’s seems that just a few people is having this problem because nobody is complaining, but anyway, I can’t still create lessons. I hope this issue will be fixed soon!

Sorry for the delayed response. We were trying to figure out what is happening there. We don’t have it fixed yet but it seems to have something to do with a strange or long filename you are trying to upload. Either the name of the audio file or the name of the image file seems to be causing the problem. Can you rename your image and audio to something short and simple and try again? Please let us know what happens. You may also try removing the image file and re-uploading it if it has been uploaded already.

Hi Mark, don’t worry. It’s weird then, because I’ve also tried to save the lesson without any audio file and I keep on getting this 500 - server error message!

Ok! I think I know what happenned! I think it was something to do with the Text field. I just had copied/pasted the content from a pdf file, and there was a kind of a line separating the text. I’ve removed this line and the content was saved properly! So I suppose this line was causing some problems!!