I just opened an account on lingq and the website does not work!! When i want to try a new lesson I have the 500 server error message… I can’t even click on tasks or learn tag. Basically everytime I try to do something I get the 500 server error!! It’s very annoying… Can someone please give me some help?? Many thanks!!

Hi, Issues are known by the staff and I have the same problems as you … We have just to wait a couple of days, it’s due to new lingQ’s version …

EDIT : Just to wait or just waiting ?

The new design is not very clear. Where is the “save button” to click after editing a term?

Hello Yep Ive noticed as Ive been reading through the forum discussion! My issues were that I had french as a interface language… Also I tried to empty the cache and now I dont have the 500 server error message anymore!!! All good We say " We just have to wait a couple of days" :wink:

I had this problem until I changed the configuration of my account.
My previous language for the interface was French : I had a lot of “500 server error” problems.
I changed it for English : no “500 server error” problems anymore !

The only issue now is that I still can not listen to the lessons…

Really? Well that’s weird cause I can listen to the lessons… What PC are you on? And what internet explorer type? I’m on a Windows 2007 and using Google Chrome and it works fine! I find it funny that we can’t even put the French language as a interface language… I feel discriminated!!! :wink:

I’ve also changed my interface language from French to English and I don’t get the 500 server error message again. It seems that I can get to the lessons now!

Please don’t report the problems with our French language interface to Pauline Marois. We promise to fix the problem.

Thank you very much Steve! And that’s a great tool you developped!! Can’t wait to use it more.


We have just to wait a couple of days, it’s due to new lingQ’s version … Just to wait or just waiting ?

We just have to wait . . . "We have to just wait . . . " is possible, too, but very informal.

Thanks for your answer titishady & Ernie :slight_smile:

@luizzahar - Just hit enter or click out of the hint box. Your hints are saved automatically.

I am having this problem with the Login - LingQ lesson.

No probs Exodus! Guys I was wondering if you too has the same issues I’m experimenting. I wanted to go over the vocabulary I just learnt and found this great exercises on the vocabulary tab: Dictation and multiple choice which basically allow you to listen to a word and write it yourself. However when I click on the audio button nothings comes out… Is that a problem in the process to be fixed or do I need to change a configuration on my computer to get access to it? Muchas gracias!

It is well-known problem with TTS (text-to-speech) engine. Changing your configuration will not help. You can check known issues or report a new one over there: http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/forum/3/16233/?page=1

Ok thanks very much!!

@titishady, Exodus, Jujucaribou - The 500 error in the French interface has been fixed in case you want to go back to French.

Still working on the Text to speech.

Merci beaucoup :wink: I think I like it better in english though ;-). Mark do you mind letting me know when the Text To Speech is up and running? Cant wait to use that function!

Thanks Mark (and everybody) ! :slight_smile: