500 Server Error

Hi, I have a problem when selecting “Spanish” (from the drop-down list in the top of the page) as the language I want to study.
When selecting Spanish, I get the 500 Server Error message, when selecting some of the other languages, it works fine.
I have tried it in Mozilla, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This error has been appearing since yesterday (or the day before yesterday…).
I have also tried to log in with another nickname and it works just fine.
I have also tried to use CCleaner for removing cache, cookies…
So, please, use my nickname “TheDoctor” when looking for the problem.
Thank you.

I don’t seem to be having any problems with Spanish. We’ll look into this one and get back to you soon if we need some more information.

We’ve pushed a fix that should resolve this issue. Can you try it again?

Hi Alex, it works fine, thank you very much for the quick bug fix :slight_smile: