500 Server Error

I am trying to register for one of Marianne’s courses and keep getting “500 Server Error” message. Did the New Year’s Day gremlins get into the system or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Those courses are meant to have been phased out. Have you bought a course successfully recently? We will check with Marianne but instead I recommend signing up for conversations and submitting writing using the regular method on the Speak and Write pages.

It appears you’re still trying to access the old version of Courses. Modern courses are found in the Library by clicking on the shelf called “Courses”. They require no registration, but simply act as collections of lessons.

Is there a reason this has changed? I really liked being able to sign up for a series of four courses at once.

Thanks again.

It is very convenient for those who understand it but we had trouble explaining it to both learners and new tutors. We will see if those courses can be made to work properly but for the moment we felt it was less confusing for everyone to remove the old course format. I agree with you that it is more convenient the old way but it wasn’t a much used feature.

Mark: This probably belongs in another thread, but I thought that since you answered my original question about the changes in course offerings here, I would ask my questions about the new course offering system here, too. Please move this to another thread if it fits better somewhere else.

Do I have to choose something from the new “Courses” selection or can I just pick any lesson I want? I looked at the new “Courses,” and there really isn’t anything there I’m interested in at this point. Do I still have to pay something to register now? How do I handle the writing submissions? Do those just come off of my points? I’m fairly new here, and I’m still trying to learn the “system.”

Thanks so much for your patience in answering all my questions.

@ Em8649 - We are happy to answer all your questions on the system!

You can choose any lesson you like from the Library at any time. All lessons you see in the Library should be at your chosen level. Try and find a lesson on a topic of interest.

If you find a course that you like, by all means choose lessons from it. These new Courses are really only a way for a tutor to suggest lessons or a group of lessons to learners.

As for signing up for conversations, simply go to the Speak page and sign up for conversation times that suit you. You can sign up for one time or many and for shorter or longer sessions. Your points are deducted when you sign up.

The same thing for writing corrections. Go to the Write section and submit writing. You can try the suggested topics or write about anything you like. When you submit writing, points are deducted from your account based on the number of words you submit.

For more information check out the Help section here: Tutor Help and Write Help

We’ve restored the ability to make payments for Tutored Courses for those of you who are interested. For the rest, please click on the links Mark posted above for more information on conversations and writing corrections on LingQ.

Alex: Thanks for doing this and for all the other work you do to keep LingQ running.

We couldn’t do it without you guys :slight_smile:

Hi, when I try to import a private lesson I get 500 server error. Same time before I can did that. What’s wrong? Thanks for help.

Are you by any chance a free member and have you reached your limit of private imports allowed?

SanneT: Free member can add 6 lessons for free and now I use only 4 lessons. So in fact I can add two new lessons but I cannot. Before I use all 6 lessons without any trouble.

Hi guys,

The site was down earlier this morning, but we’ve managed to restore everything back to proper working order now.

Just a clarification: free members can import up to 5 private lessons, not 6.

Yep, the same error

Hi again,

It should now be working properly. We’ve resolved the issue that was causing this. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks, that’s working