500 server error while entering into writing submission and profile change

I cannot reach my writing page and also cannot change my personal info. It comes out the error page saying that 500 server error. Could you help me to fix with that please?

Thanks a lot.

Hi remmus,

That is very strange. Can you tell me which browser you are using? Also, what you have set as your Native Language. This could be an issue with the translation files.

I had at the same time a server error on another page of LingQ. Maybe there was a problem with the server?

It looks like the server was down very briefly at that time which could have caused the problems. Let me know if it continues.

I repeatedly get a server error when I try to hide the new “Watch a video of the lesson” note.

Thanks, Jeff. We were fixing something there earlier. We will get this new bug fixed. Please try and ignore it for now. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

I am using IE8 as my browser and I have set traditional Chinese as my native language. There are several pages I cannot get in, such as the main page, writing page & profile change page etc… Both occur the 500 error problem.

Hi Jeff,

The problem with the Getting Started banner is now fixed. Sorry about that.

Hi remmus,

There was an error caused by the Chinese translations. It’s now been fixed and you should be able to open those pages again. Sorry about that.

Hi Mike,

Problems fixed, thank for ur help!