500 server error while cancelling 1-on-1 (as a student)

I tried to cancel 1-on-1 speaking sessions in English, but received 500 server error. Moreover, it is shown that these sessions are attached to some lessons, but I have not attached them to any lesson…

Hi Rasana,

We are looking into why you got that error. Was the event less than 24 hours away or is there anything else about the event that was different?

Regarding the attachment to lessons, conversations are automatically assigned to the last open lesson now when you sign up for them.

It is30-minutes long 1-on-1s on Oct., 23 and Oct.27. I can’t cancel both of them…

Rasana, we will look into it shortly. There is a bug there.

Today I tried again (on another PC although) and it works :slight_smile: Perhaps, LingQ team fixed this bug :slight_smile:

Not that I know of but I’m glad it works now! :wink: