500 server error when I try to search the forums

I get a 500 server error when I try to search the forums.



I do not. Anyone else?

Same here - 500 server error (Windows Vista, IE 7.0, 6:54 PM GMT+1)

I had no error but I had to logg in of new

Sounds like it may be an Internet Explorer problem again. Ed, are you on IE?

The system is very slow and each time when I am clicking on the link for going to the forum I have to login of new.

Mark, I am on FF. And now it works fine again.

Now it works here as well.

And now it doesn’t work - Windows XP Professional, IE 7.0 (15 pm GMT+1)

There is a bug there. We are working on it. Thanks.

same problem: Mac OS X 10.4.11 Safari 3.2.1

I hope that its nothing too difficult, thank you for an otherwise superb site.

Same again - Windows Vista, IE 7.0.

This Forum Search issue has finally been resolved. :slight_smile: It had to do with the language you were studying. Thanks for your patience.