500 Server Error - Delete Import

I’m trying to delete one of my imports, and I get a 500 Server Error each time. When I try to delete the import from the import screen nothing happens. I click edit then delete, and I receive the 500 Server Error message.

I’m using the latest version of Firefox, and I’ve also tried to re-log in. This has been occurring since Friday afternoon.

I have also a problem with a page ‘imported lessons’ - when I press on it I receive the answer ‘500 Server Error’. But if I press ‘my lessons’, I can find all lessons including imported lessons.
So it is not only the problem by ‘deleting of imported lessons’ but with all manipulations with ‘imported lessons’.

@UkrCharmRussa, evgueny40 - Would you be able to link us to a lesson where you receive this error?

@alex - It was a problem yesterday and today in the morning. But now it’s OK, thank you.


Login - LingQ is the link. This is a private import of mine.

@UkrCharmRussa - Thanks for sending over the link. We’ll take a look into this!


I was able to delete the import from my list today. Thank you.