500 errors on french lessons, everything else is ok

おひさしぶり! I thought I would creep out of the shadows and try out the new LINGQ. I like what you did, and I believe you solved a lot of the UX issues from the previous version. It also seems to be running much faster than before.

Good job

The only issue I am having is being unable to access my french lessons. I can get my Japanese lessons and Norwegian lessons just fine, but for some reason it is unable to connect for the French lessons.

I just thought I would let you know

Thanks again for the good update

Great to hear you’re liking the new version!

What happens when you try going to the French section? Do you receive an error message or does the page just not load?

Well I can access the home page, but the lessons don’t load. Then when I click on anything in the learn it doesn’t load the page at all. I cant access the library nor my lessons


Very interesting to hear that. I can’t recall of anyone else having reported this error yet, so I’m not sure what would be causing it. Would you be able leave the page open in the background and see if it ever finishes loading?

For not knowing how to use the feramentas, scored a lot of unfamiliar words as known, I would like to know if you undo it?

@elienecosta You can undo, but not like control + z undo. In the lesson, you can highlight a known word and then make a lingq of it. You have to do this one word at a time.

Some people suggest moving on to the next lesson and whenever you get to a word you don’t know that is marked known, highlight and lingq.

@jyoshikoousei - Can you try this again and see if the issue is resolved? We think it is fixed.

Hi Mark
I can access all the lesson via the iphone app. I have had caching problems with chrome lately so I was thinking that may have been the problem. However I had the same problem in Safari.

I just tried again now and I am still getting the 500 server errors.


I am getting the same issue - just uploaded my own lesson, shared it, but I can’t open it. I can open other people’s lessons, but when I click on my own, I keep getting the same 500 - Server Error, blank page that jyoshikousei16 is talking about. I’m also using Chrome.

Turns out the issue is the same on the iPad and on a different computer.

I can otherwise go and edit the lesson, but I can’t get it to show up!

Could it perhaps have to do with the way the lesson was created or else with the fact that there are links?

If the links are in the description it should not be a problem. If there links in the text there may be a problem, but I have never experienced this kind of problem. I am in Chrome. Could you create a simple lesson with just text and sound and test it?

There must have been something wrong at the time the lesson was created. I’ve simply copied what was in the previous lesson into a new one, and the new one works while the previous didn’t (so I deleted the old one).

@alexandrec - Yes, there are some issues when importing. Importing the lesson again often helps.

@jyoshikousei - That is likely the same problem you are having. It is one lesson that you have that is causing the problem. We are trying to resolve the issue but if you are able to try to delete and re-import any lessons you may have imported recently, that may fix your issue.

Hi Mark
I can access my imported lessons in Japanese quite easily. I can not access any of the French lessons at all. I can not even access the library, let alone my imported lessons. All the other languages seem to be working just fine.

It is just an odd little bug, I wonder if it is just a glitch in my account somewhere.

My lesson was also French, so you might be right, jyoushikousei

500 errors? that’s a lot of errors! :smiley:

I just checked, and things seem to be working just fine now. Thanks!

@jyoshikosei - I’m glad. We made a fix we were hoping would resolve this issue! @alexandrec - How about for you? Is the issue resolved?