4/10/2021 Spanish Composition


Please don’t be offended this site has no real information. Share quality with others not something that appears to be barley created. Whoever shared this with you needs to checkout this site and focus on something meaningful.

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To be honest, I was slightly offended by your first statement. I do not think it shows an overall look of my blog. If you have something meaningful to suggest, then feel free to bring something to the table. Also, “quality content” can mean different things to different people. It is not a clear, one standard of guidelines. I would find it to be very subjective.

I am sorry, I was sharing with you my thoughts. You did post in this area for feedback I assume. As a website builder I was very unsure what the purpose is. Please don’t be offended it is a good start.

So let’s start with what is the purpose of the blog? I did not know it was a blog at all. It looks more like a website that is in the process of being built to sell something now or in the future. It is set up to collect basic information that logistically would be used to target a future audience of learners.

Have you defined what your audience is? Or what it is that you are wanting to share or provide?

I would clearly label your site as a blog so that the intended readers understands what the purpose of the site is.

The pictures that you are using need to be clear and focused. A screen shot of your computer would be better suited for what your are trying to accomplish.

My background, website builder for 20 plus year, Masters in Technology from GCU, political consultant 20 plus years. I also teach English as a Second Language. I have taught and still teach website building and design. Weebly is a program that I used with my second grade students 8 years ago. Currently, my middle school students use GoDaddy when building a blog or website.

I am no longer offended due to your constructive criticisms. Your ideas are welcome. I would like to answer your questions.

There are two purposes to my blog.

  1. Keep track my progress.(Motivation for me to keep going)
  2. Share with others of what I learned and continue to learn

Audience is mostly from LingQ. I have gotten a few from Facebook. Mostly, the audience is language learners.

I share my progress in my language learning journey, which is the main thing for my blog.

Thank you for sharing.
I now better understand the purpose of your blog. Could you please add information so people understand that it is a blog and what your main purpose is. I am sure this will help you to keep track of what you have learnt and will inspire others. Enjoy the adventure.