4000 Activity Score

How is the score calculated?

And what percent of users do you think have over 4000?

(I’m at 3800 currently)

I am over 4000, and I reached this after only 5 days of practicing from morning to night literally,

I am not sure how it is calculated.

It is quite difficult to give an exact number in terms of percentage as far as I know. However there is the exchange home section (you might already know about it), there you can look at the score of all lingers based on what language they are studying, there native language and so on. I look at the score of lingers who are learning Spanish, French and German and the amount of people who have reached 4 000 varies form 3 to about round 10.

Don’t think that I would worry about the numbers too much. Just make your lingqs and make sure that you practice them. My current activity score in Spanish is 22806, but that doesn’t mean that I am fluent in Spanish.

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Activity score includes all of these: LingQs created, LingQs learned, speaking events (15-minute conversations attended), words of writing (through submissions on Exchange), minutes of conversation hosting and days logged in last month. 10 points each day you access a language, so 300 activity points over 30 days if you actively study a single language every day through the site.
You can read more if you visit the Help section: Community Help

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While a late response, I’d like to add one question to you.

I notice a weird thing with ym activity score. I only started 9 days ago so I can tell you it is not the fact that points from 30 days prior are causing issues.

I will, for example, go to sleep with 2100 points, and wake up with 2400 or so. What is going on? is there simply a delay of a few hours in adding points with one of the tasks? Like listening? And if not, is there really no activity score awarded for listening and reading?