4 Months with LingQ and Norwegian (and a bug that almost ended it all!)

Purpose/Background: See old thread (First Two Weeks With Both Lingq And Norwegian, A Report. ...)

B2 level Norwegian through reading Harry Potter. Initially, I will be reading only then I will start listening to the audio after a sufficient base of vocab has been established. I plan on starting my speaking around 6-7k+ words. I don’t have a timeframe I want to accomplish this in, I just want to enjoy the journey.

The Third-Fourth months:
This month was a challenge. Real-life got in the way and a bug on the website really sidetracked me. Sometimes at the end of June, I hit a huge bug on the site. I had an over 60 days streak and one night it reset. I don’t know how, I had made my goal and had not missed but I also had no options (even though I had the coins) to fix my streak. That really took it out of me. I hit a busy spot at work and I was just in survival mode.
Last week I was in Ohio in Amish country and got to hear some Amish Dutch being spoken and something about the patois of that dialect just ignited the passion for Norwegian again. I have been CHUNKING away again at Harry potter and in less than a week I have now hit 5k total words known. Sorry that it has been so long since the update but I needed a brain rest. I have found that the long break really didn’t hurt my progress at all for reading but my ear that was starting to develop is reset. Oh well. That gives me more things to listen to and fall in love with!

I am over halfway through the second Harry Potter book and my stats are:

Current Post:
Words Memorized: 5,000 (+246, +4.9%)
Lingqs: 12639 (+771, +6.5%)
Words Read: 145,957 (+14,591, +11%)
Ratios (rounded)-
Known/Lingqs- 1:2.5
Known/Read- 1:29
Linqs/Read: 1:11.5

Previous Post:
Words Memorized: 4754 (+1984, +41%)
Lingqs: 11868 (+4190, +35%)
Words Read: 131,366 (+43,751, +33%)
Ratios (rounded)-
Known/Lingqs- 1:2.5 (down by .5)
Known/Read- 1:27 (down by 3)
Linqs/Read: 1:11 (same)

Here are some observations I’ve made:

  1. Consistently with the last post, my ability to read did not diminish noticeably after a long break. There were some words that I needed one reminder for and then immediately was able to lock them in again.

  2. I am now at the point that it is getting harder to memorize words. I have to read a lot more words per lingq made and per word memorized than when I first started. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that I need to up my reading game and that is exciting and will help cement words that are on the cusp of memorization but a curse in that my time doesn’t feel as efficient any longer.

I will report back in a month. I’m hoping to be onto the third book by then easily and I might even start some tutor lessons and get some speaking in. I hope to watch a full season of a show by next month in Norwegian and I also hope to finish the first Harry Potter in audiobook format.

Tusen takk, LingQ!
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