#295 Steve and Alex - Motivation (Part 1)

There is some problem with the audio archive, the player don’t works after 18 seconds

Can you try again? I don’t seem to be having any problems with this audio file.

I tried again and it is the same, also tried download and it stops in mean point. But if nobody has problems, forget…and if someone want send me the archive of sound, I thank you...sbeatle@hotmail.com

Is it possible that your internet connection is temporarily cutting out? You can also try downloading the file from here: http://englishlingq.com/295-steve-and-alex-motivation-part-1

…lol…I went there and click on:…“Click here to listen to Motivation (Part 1).”…it downloads completely but it downloads another archive called …“forgetting_languages” that no is the same of transcript of “#295 Steve and Alex - Motivation (Part 1)”

Let’s forget this, there’s a lot of other materials to work

Sorry about that! The linked audio file has now been updated.