26 lingqs=1 coin?

This is kind of a petty question but I’m curious nevertheless.
It seems the amount of lingqs needed for one coin resets with with each new lesson. This means I have to create at least 10 lingqs in the same lesson to get a coin. Today, for example, I only earned about 1 coin for 26 lingqs created across multiple lessons. Has it always been this way? I hadn’t really payed attention to this until now but I seem to remember gaining coins at much faster rate with the same number of lingqs.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to gain coins based on the overall number of lingqs made rather than weather they were concentrated in the same lesson or not?

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It haven’t been like this before I think it has something to do with the latest update regarding the new layout. Before you earned 1 coin for 10 lings across multiple lessons.

I on the other hand I have not earn at all coins for a while. I just haven’t been bothered to report it but if it would be fixed that would be great.

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Yes, that’s the way the system works now. I agree that it is a little annoying, especially when you are doing short lessons, where you might create seven or eight LingQs in each of two or three lessons and not get a single coin.

Thanks for letting us know @amop567, I’ve reported this to our developers and will let you know as soon as I have more informations about this.

Thank you!
The situation is still the same at the moment. Just fyi

Hi amop567,
We will soon implement some changes related to coins. We’ll let you know once when changes are made. Thanks for your patience!

I do not understand why it needs 4 months to fix something that has worked for a very long time.

It raises the impression that your developers don’t know LingQ and the software well enough and that there is a lack of quality control. And a lack of willing to fix things fast.

Coins should motivate learners. I guess that was the intention behind inventing them. I understand that it is more important that the Lingqing process runs properly, but in my opinion everything should run properly. My daughter was very dissapointed when she worked on several shorter lessons and hasn’t got the amount of coins she’d expected. I figured out too that the number of coins wasn’t related to the number of LingQs I’d created and found this strange. Especially as this had been working for a long time…