#257 Mark and Steve – Language Learning, the IPhone and New Technology

Why is the text typed in that large-scaled mode? If I use print option I get 10 pages, what actually fits well on 3 pages? Is it automatic typing?

Hi Jurgen,

I’m not sure why this text is triple spaced like that. Are the other lessons in the collection all fine? We would be happy to have you edit the text yourself, if you are interested. I can set you up as an editor for English so you can fix any strange issues in texts you come across. Or, for the matter, anyone else who is interested in being a volunteer editor, please let us know. There is simply too much content for us to review and edit it all ourselves.

Hi Mark, I collect magic pencils - English would be right up my street. One question though: do editors choose “Take Lesson” in the Library in order to access the lesson or is there some other way. In other words do I have to learn English?

Thanks, SanneT, I have added your new pencil! Yes, through the Library is the only way to access these lessons. You won’t actually have anything reflected in your English stats unless you decide to start creating LingQs so there is no real negative to opening up the English section.

Hi SanneT,

Actually, I went in and removed an extra space from each line yesterday. I don’t think you can remove any more than that. It is much better than it was.