2 brand new Italian collections!

Hello everyone,

after a short lull, here I come again with new italian lessons to offer. These ones are for history and philosophy enthusiasts, but also for those who want to challenge their skills

Karl Marx: this collection is made of short, understandable mini-lessons on the essential Karl Marx: his philosophical, political, economical, social and religious opinions. I took and slightly adapted them from an essay by my teacher. NB: Please, don’t label me as a leftist. I thoroughly enjoyed studying Marx, although I noticed major flaws in his theories. One is allowed to criticize something only after having known it, otherwise he is a fool.

Cause della prima guerra mondiale: “Causes leading up to WWI”. A comprehensive account of what were the main causes that ignited the first world war. Again lessons were taken and slightly adapted from an essay by my teacher.

Finally I added some more lessons to the collection titled “Grammatica in poche parole”. See it here:

More lessons are under way! Especially improved POV stories. As always, feel free to suggest me any kind of content you would want to see in LingQ’s italian library and I’ll make it.

Thanks Adalberto for these - I will certainly be studying them once I start my Italian again !

Thanks Jamie? One question though: why did you temporarily quit italian?

Adalberto - In questo momento, il mio francese e tedesco sono piu importante. Purtroppo no ho il tempo per tre lingue straniere !
Spero che potro aggiungere l’italiano presto.