1st new language just before 30

I think as long as you have a good support system, you can learn any language… and as far as I have seen, LingQ definitely does it best. I have had more friend adds than I would have ever imagined!

I’m 32 old and now i trying to learn German from scratch. In the last year I studied the basics of Chinese in the ordinary language school. The motivation has become a main problem in Chinese for me. Now I hope to improve my English skill here (at least to fluent speaking level) and want to start learning/improve German. Main purpose is immigration to Europe. It’s very big motivational punch.

There is some great beginner material in the German library. Look for Irene777 and VeraI under providers in Advanced Search.
Good luck with your studies!

I’m now 20 old. Although I already know about this site for one or two years, only now I’m realy trying learn another languages.
If i had started before, maybe today I probaly would speak another language. At least good enough to be understanded.
Of course that I regret it, but here we have an adage, something like: “Better later than never” and I really believe it.
Today I have less time to practice, things are more hard, but now I enjoying so much this language learning process that I never would call it ‘waste of time’.

More than anything I think that in the end, what really matters is your wish, your will. If really wants you will succeed.

Better late than never, you are so right! We can begin to learn a language at any age and the more time and attention we give, the better it gets.

sevenor, have you searched for Beginner 1 lessons in German? Have you set your level to Beginner 1 in the Library? There are a lot of beginner lessons there as Sanne pointed out.

Thanks Steve, I followed the advices to take some very simple lessons. But as many students wrote on LingQ - is very difficult to start from scratch. I’m lingq’d almost every word/phrases in the lessons.
For me - I need a simple chain of interrelated set of lessons for the first 300-600 words of the language. I additionaly chose the methods Pimsleur / Assimil. Then I can quickly progress through the basic lessons in the LingQ and go to active state. I count my level in German as Beginner 0 :). Before signing to LingQ I has listened/ read your book, “linguist book” twice and using the materials as the main source of known / unknown words.

I often hear that people have trouble starting from scratch at LingQ. Of course it may be more pleasant for some to have a book in their hands. However, at LingQ you will find the following resources, at least in some of the cases. We are looking at ways to provide additional incentive for content providers to also provide these additional resources:

A full list of new words. You could even go through the QuicklingQ to create an instant glossary.
Video in a few rare cases
Forum where you can ask questions.

I hope we start our Beta languages soon and I will start a language from scratch to experience what it is like.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I, of course, will suggest Arabic due to what I assume is, to you, the new alphabet and even orientation of text (right to left). Of course there are other languages out there with what I assume would be new alphabets to you (Thai for one) but Arabic is also a major world language.