15/30/45mins question

right just to confirm - say a student signed up for a discussion that I set up for 45 mins, however only the first (15min) square is red the rest are green does that mean the student chose 15mins?

At group discussions a student can’t choose at all. It depends on number of participants.
You set 60-min long discussion. So, the max number of participants - 4.
It only one signs up, the duration of discussion is 15 minutes.
2 – 30 minutes.
3 – 45 minutes

ahh okey thanks!

If, say, two students want a group discussion with you for an hour (splitting the cost) the easiest way to do it may be to create them two half hour conversations, one starting straight after the other. If you put in the description “discussion for Fred and George only” then it makes it clear that it’s an arrangement just for them and not open for all students.