15 minutes for 5 Dollars is too much

But then that lunch still isn’t free if someone else is paying…

If you pay, it is free for me, and I will order something expensive…but then I will invite you back so it won’t really be free. But our ideas and conversation will be.

Lots of luck to Argentina in the world cup. I enjoy Argentinian wine ( malbec) so I have a connection.

Ana, I recently came across a BBC podcast of the year 2006, there some Ana Paula from Brazil was sharing her opinion on mass media. Was it you?

Hi, Victor, I’ve heard that too, but it was not me. Ana Paula is a common name in Brazil, mainly among people of my generation. In 2006 I had not known lingq yet, and I couldn’t speak many things in English… :wink:

Steve, they already beg for money, but up to now, they do so mostly for candies and toys. :wink:
By the way, although I like wine, I’m all for the beer next Saturday. :wink:


I hope Argentina does win, but Germany is always tough even when they’re not the favorites. Don’t tell anyone, cause I’ll probably lose my nationalist card, but I’ve preferred the Malbecs I’ve tasted from Chile more than the Argentine ones.

…but shhhhhh