13 new lessons in the Spanish library

Hi there!
This threat is just to inform you about the latest updates that I have made to the Spanish library.
You will find some new lessons in the following collections:

I’m also preparing a batch of new lessons for Spanish beginners and a branch new story also for beginners (such as Who is she? collection). I’ll keep you up to date!

I hope you enjoy them!

Ups, I forgot!

So 16 new lesson in the last 3 weeks! :wink:

Tremendous output. BTW, given Vera’s concern about keeping her Types for her content, does it make sense to sample a few in the Member Created area, and then keep some in a different Type? I am trying to find a way to make Vera comfortable about putting some content in the Member Created shelf in German.:slight_smile:

Albert, I really appreciate everything you do! I just wanted you to know.

Thank you very much Angela!! :slight_smile:

These are great lessons! Thanks Albert! Keep up the good work!