1000 ebooks in Russian, 1000 ebooks in Mandarin

For free Russian ebooks my friends are using flibusta.is

Alright, it took 2 days to upload but here it goes (35GB unpacked, 35000+ books)
链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i5P6MCt password:dkeb
let me know if it works, maybe you’ll need to register your own account first

Thank you !
I’m currently trying to register, but I’m supposed to get a code by phone, but so far I tried many times I still don’t get it. I read on a forum that it can take hours for me to get it in Canada. Don’t know if that’s true.
I assume registration is mandatory because the link (http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i5P6MCt) gives me a “Oh oh, the page you are visiting does not exist.”

Hm, you need to register then. When I try that link on my iPad now, it works, but I am logged in to my baidu drive.

For some reason, now that I’m trying again on my other computer, the link works directly without having to register. However, the bad news is that I am asked to install a software baidunetdisk.exe, and I’m scared it will infect my PC (http://immuneyourpc.com/remove-baidunetdisk-exe/). From what I read, it’s not possible to download files larger than 200 mo without this software :frowning:
I’m trying right now to setup a virtual machine so I can install the software.

The list seems pretty large, looks like a good source yeah.

Turns out, more difficult than I thought. I got the software in my VM, but then I don’t know how to make the software work; I’m prompt questions in chinese that I can’t read, and can’t make progress. :frowning:

For very short phrases you can use 4- and 5-ngrams from Google Books Ngram: Google Ngram Viewer

Would it be possible for you to upload it on google drive ? I know it’s already been trouble for you getting it on baidu. I would be happy with just a subset, I don’t necessarily need the whole thing. Maybe just one of the rar would be already something.

Don’t worry about the chinese, it will give you default options for installation and from what I remember it was just two clicks and it’s done. I’m in china and it takes a lot of time to upload sth to gdrive.
That software is just like googledrive, hundreds of millions of people use it

ok I understand.
The problem is that I can’t create an account, and I’m asked to fill the login form (not sure, I can’t translate). I will retry tonight to create an account, but so far I haven’t received any code by phone, and I tried with 2 different phones.

you can also look at the best russian tracker https://rutracker.org/forum/tracker.php

I managed to upload 2000 ebooks to gdrive

You’re too kind. Thank you so much for your help !
I downloaded the file.

Yes I had spotted this tracker a year ago, very good one.