1 on 1 conversation times fixed, auto level in Import

We have resolved the issue that prevented 1 on 1 conversation times from appearing properly. These times are now appearing in all time zones! There are still some issues on the Speak page to be worked out but all the functionality should be working properly now.

We have fixed the automatic level assignment for imported content. You will now see that “Auto” is one of the options in the Level dropdown. If “Auto” is showing, the level will be calculated automatically when you click Save.

We have also made a change in the Library. We have decided to show lessons in the My Level shelf at your target level and not at your current level. This is because the level calculation does not assign the level “No Knowledge” and it makes sense that those with no knowledge should see Beginner1 content, since that is our easiest level of content. Any of you that have manually set your lessons to the No Knowledge level should change the level to Beginner1 to make sure your lessons display in the My Level shelf.

Finally, we have fixed the issue that prevented all instances of the same word in a lesson from turning yellow when LingQed.

Let us know if there are any issues.

Hi Mark, It seems to work without one exception. I send you an email with a hardcopy.

What I would really appreciate to have is the possibility to choose a time slot and then only the tutors are offered with this time slot. Often I see 7, 8 or 9 English tutors but only 1 or 2 of them have proper times for me. It is annoying to click so often without a result.

Thank you.

Hi Vera, I can add this to the list but I can’t say when we might add it. I agree it would be convenient.