1 on 1 conversation , link, and personal setting


Is it possible to add a “description” function when signing up for a one on one conversation as you had before?

It would be convenient if you could add a “link” function directly linking to the website in the event section and forum.

Is the “description” area in the personal setting editable? I’d like to change mine occasionally :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi Yukiko,

We decided to simplify the sign up procedure for 1 on 1 conversations which is why the description was removed. It was an obstacle for most members. Therefore, we will not be adding it back again. If you have a specific topic to discuss, please send it to your tutor through the Skype chat ahead of time.

Do you mean making all links active or clickable in the Conversation description and Forum posts? If so, that’s a good suggestion and one that we will have eventually.

You can edit your profile and picture anytime on the Settings page. We will also be improving the profile page in the near future.